Halfbike: a combination of cycling and running

Halfbike: a combination of cycling and running

Kolelinia, a company specialized in alternative urban mobility, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their innovative personal transport device integrating elements of running and cycling, aptly named Halfbike.

Halfbike: a more stylish transport method

Designed by Martin Angelov, the Halfbike is a small, personal transport device that combines the mechanics of the bicycle with the natural movements of jogging.

After conducting research regarding various rider positions and levels of control, Angelov developed what he found to be the ideal prototype.

The Halfbike consists of a lightweight aluminium frame connecting two small balancing wheels in the rear with a larger wheel in the front via a roller chain and sprocket.

Lacking a seat, the rider stands upright and pedals in a running motion while a handlebar of impregnated plywood acts as a steering mechanism with a handbrake.

A product of passion and minimalist design, the Halfbike is an attempt to reimagine the idea of cycling and transform urban commutes into something to be excited about.

The benefits of Halfbike

A major difficulty faced by contemporary cyclists is the impracticality of making an entire journey with just one mode of transportation.

Many people still need to take a bus, train or metro for a portion of their journey and then are left to complete the rest by walking, pay a supplement to bring their bicycle or deal with the inconveniences of a folding bicycle.

Attempting to address this problem, Angelov and Kolelinia designed Halfbike to be compact, lightweight and easy enough to carry with one arm, thereby making it suitable to carry on stairs and fit comfortably on buses, trams, metros and trains.

Furthermore, Halfbike is looking to get people more enthusiastic about transportation. With little to no learning curve, riding a Halfbike is meant to be a fun and easy experience in the face of monotonous commutes and boring exercise regimens.

About Kolelinia

Founded by Martin Angelov and Mihail Klenov, Kolelinia is a collective of young, dynamic individuals dedicated to addressing the problems of contemporary urban transport systems.

Through astute technological research and design, the group seeks to improve mobility and restore the enjoyment of travel and commuting.

Other Kolelinia projects

Along with Halfbike, Kolelinia has also worked on other projects including:
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Halfbike on Kickstarter

To read more about Halfbike, Kolelinia and to contribute to the project, click here.

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