[Feature] Drugs Tour Amsterdam

[Feature] Drugs Tour Amsterdam

Drugs Tour Amsterdam
Even though Amsterdam is a city that is visited by millions of tourists every year, most of them leave with no notion about the positive implications that the Dutch drugs policy has.

Even between locals, there is a big lack of information and understanding about the drug reality in the Netherlands. This is why Drugs Tour Amsterdam was created.

More info & contact details
For more information visit the official website 
or contact Ernesto Diringuer:
 +31 (0) 61 528 26 88.

About the tours
During 2-hour walking tours, Drugs Tour Amsterdam provides tourists as well as locals with factual and impartial information about all the activities surrounding the subject "drugs" in the city.

Participants will also learn about the positive social implications and effective results in decreasing cannabis and hard drugs consumption of the Dutch drugs policy.

 Free Tours
Free tours are based on tips and are available in English and Spanish.

 Private Tours
Private tours have fixed prices and are available in English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese and Russian.

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Peter Green 16:27 | 8 January 2020

According to this Amsterdam Drugs Tour, there used to be a legal Dutch Cocaine Factory in Holland's capital in which people could invest via the stock market: