Factor: Convenient, gourmet meal kits at your doorstep

Factor: Convenient, gourmet meal kits at your doorstep


Factor is a ready-to-heat meal delivery service that takes a whole new approach to freshly-prepared food. Weekly rotating menus are chef-prepared and dietitian-approved, making clean eating simple and stress-free and providing convenience without having to compromise.

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Factor: Fresh meals straight to your door

Every Factor meal is made from scratch using only the freshest premium ingredients. Factor currently delivers in the entire Netherlands and comes from the world's leading meal-kit company, HelloFresh, which means you can expect the same quality, freshness and reliability you already know and love. For more information, visit the Factor website.

Factor prepares and delivers fresh (never frozen), nutritious meals to your door. Their team of executive chefs and dieticians combine nutrition science and culinary excellence to design dishes that taste amazing and give your body and mind the nutrients needed to perform at their peak.

Healthy eating resolutions are easier than ever to keep, with chef-prepared, dietitian-approved meals delivered right to your doorstep. Requiring no cooking skills and almost no prep time, Factor Meals' gourmet meal kit service can take the stress out of grocery shopping and meal planning.

Dinner made easy

Factor is not only healthy and convenient, but it also has other benefits such as:

  • Fresh, not frozen meals that stay fresh in your refrigerator for seven days
  • A rotating, weekly menu with 12 choices per week
  • All meals are designed by registered dietitians and prepared by chefs
  • The meal kits are microwaveable and are ready in just four minutes

Factor ensures that you can make a meal quickly and easily after a long day of hard work.


How Factor works

On top of Factor being convenient, their services also allow you to:

  • Pick your diet plan and meals: Pick from a new menu of 12+ dietitian-designed meals and various cold-pressed juices every week that are tailored to your dietary needs
  • Prepped and cooked to perfection: Our gourmet chefs take care of the prepping and cooking so you can focus on your fitness.
  • Heat, eat and enjoy: No prep. No mess. Factor meals arrive already prepped at your doorstep, ready to heat up and eat in minutes.

Factor is offering a discount of 40% on your first box + 25% on the next four boxes for new customers. Use code "IAMEXPAT24"

Get your first box free

When ordering a subscription to a weekly Factor meal box, you will receive a 40% discount on the first box and a 25% discount on the next four boxes. Delivery of the first box is free, while delivery costs will be charged for the remaining boxes. You can cancel and pause no later than Wednesday 11:59pm before the next delivery. 



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