Dutch rail company NS’ week of the lost cuddly toy

Dutch rail company NS’ week of the lost cuddly toy

Almost every day the Dutch rail company NS finds a cuddly toy, which has been left behind on one of its trains. This week, NS has decided to try and reunite toys with their owners during its week of the lost cuddly toy.

Lost and found

Every year, thousands of objects are left behind, either on trains or at the station. These items are held at the stations where they have been handed in for five days, before they are brought to a central depot.

If an item of yours is found at the central depot, you will receive a letter and it will be sent to your home address for a fee. Items that are not collected are kept for a legal storage period, which is usually three months. After this period, the lost objects are sold or recycled as much as possible.

Not everyone reports a lost object and this means that a whole host of cuddly toys never makes it back to their owners. This is why NS has chosen to make the week of November 27 to December 2, the week of the lost cuddly toy.

Social media

NS hopes to return five teddies to owners before present night (pakjesavond), otherwise known as Sinterklaas evening on December 5.

To ensure the toys return to their rightful owners, NS will be reaching out on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat and using the hashtag #WeekvandeVerlorenKnuffel.

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