Beware! There's a bauble-less Christmas tree on the loose

Beware! There's a bauble-less Christmas tree on the loose

Why did the Christmas tree cross the road? To get to the other side!

An undecorated Christmas tree on the hunt for freedom - or some festive fun, who could say? - wreaked havoc earlier this month when it was spotted on the A22 highway between Beverwijk and Helsen. The road had to be shut off completely so that the Rijkswaterstaat (Department for Public Works and Water Management) could retrieve the lonely tree. 

A Christmas tree without any balls on the A22

Luckily motorists didn’t seem to be too upset about the delay to their travels. However, social media did enjoy the Rijkswaterstaat tweet about the incident, which stated: “The A22 is closed...due to a Christmas tree on the road. Since he doesn’t have the balls himself to move, we’ll go and get him.” 

Who’d have thought one lonely Christmas tree could’ve caused so much trouble! 

Victoria Séveno


Victoria Séveno

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