From Amsterdam directly to Disneyland Paris on the high-speed train

From Amsterdam directly to Disneyland Paris on the high-speed train

Starting next year, the Thalys will journey from Amsterdam directly to Disneyland in Marne la Vallée, making a stop beforehand at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris.

New Disneyland train route

The new route will have the Thalys travelling from Amsterdam via Schiphol, Rotterdam, Antwerpen and Brussels to the Charles de Gaulle airport and Marne la Vallée. The high-speed train will be journeying on this route twice a day from April 2019.

Previously, passengers from the Netherlands stopped in Gare du Nord, Paris and had to travel to other stations in Paris to catch connecting trains journeying onwards to the south and east of France. State Secretary Stientje van Veldhoven is supportive of the new train route, wanting to make travelling with the train a more appealing option, and has expressed this in a letter to the Dutch House of Representatives.

From the Charles de Gaulle station, it is easy to travel onwards to other destinations in the east and south of France. Passengers on this service will be able to get to Lyon from Amsterdam in just six hours, saving around 45 minutes in travel time! What’s more, this service is a reliable and sustainable alternative to a plane journey.

Terminating train routes

The train route from Amsterdam to Charles de Gaulle and Marne la Vallée will replace the direct route from Amsterdam to Lille. This new route is more in line with the wishes of those travelling internationally from the Netherlands, according to calculations.

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