2019 top 100 terraces in the Netherlands: Best one is in Zeeland

2019 top 100 terraces in the Netherlands: Best one is in Zeeland

There are plenty of terraces in the Netherlands to grab a drink and a bite to eat. You can even enjoy a tipple from on high at a rooftop terrace, but which terrace is the country’s finest?

The best terrace in the Netherlands

According to this year’s Terrace Top 100 ranking, carried out by Misset Horeca, the honour of the best terrace in the Netherlands goes to De Werf in Veere, Zeeland. This is the 12th edition of the annual ranking, and sees hundreds of terraces go through two rounds of visits from anonymous specialist judges and mystery guests.

De Werf earned its spot at the top, being praised by the jury for its “unprecedented hospitality” and “culinary delights”. It was not only the main jury which voted to award it the title “best terrace in the Netherlands”, but also the specialist jury and mystery guest. In second place was Brasa, located in Purmerend, North-Holland, followed by Pelle’s in Deurningen, Overijssel, which placed third. Orangerie Mattemburgh in Hoogerheide, North-Brabant, came in fourth and Huis Vermeer in Deventer, Overijssel, was fifth.

Best terraces in Dutch cities

The first terrace from the Dutch capital to make the list is Barca, which took eighth place. Other terraces in Amsterdam featured on the ranking include Sushisamba in 16th place, Serre in 27th place, Strandzuid in 31st place, De Veranda in 55th place, Caffe Esprit in 76th place and The Corner in 94th place. Of the other Randstad cities (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht), only Utrecht makes the list, with Dengh taking spot 42.

As for other cities represented in the ranking, the best terrace in Leiden is City Hall, which ranked 11th. In Hilversum, this was Lakes, ranking 25th, and in Nijmegen, De Firma in the 32nd spot. In Maastricht, the best terrace is Local, which ranked 40th, and in Delft, Pavarotti takes the crown, ranking 44th in total.

In Haarlem, head on over to Meneer Frans for the best terrace in that city or when in Groningen, visit De Pintelier, ranking 47th and 52nd respectively.

Top 10 terraces in the Netherlands

Take a look at the top 10 terraces in the Netherlands:

  1. De Werf, Veere, Zeeland
  2. Brasa, Purmerend, North-Holland
  3. Pelle’s, Duerningen, Overijssel
  4. Orangerie Mattemburgh, Hoogerheide, North-Brabant
  5. Huis Vermeer, Deventer, Overijssel
  6. ‘t Schippersrijk, Uitgeest, North-Holland
  7. Het Maashotel, Broekhuizen, Limburg
  8. Barca, Amsterdam, North-Holland
  9. Vendel, Veenendaal, Utrecht
  10. Avenarius, Ruurlo, Gelderland

For more information, take a look at the Misset Horeca website.

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