Government rules that tenants cannot be evicted during corona crisis

Government rules that tenants cannot be evicted during corona crisis

The Minister for Housing in the Netherlands has come to an agreement with landlords that tenants should not be evicted due to problems arising from the coronavirus pandemic.

Security for tenants

In a letter to parliament, housing minister Stientje van Veldhoven wrote that tenants who have lost their incomes and therefore cannot afford to pay rent cannot be evicted. The minister has reached agreements on the matter with several landlord organisations and trade associations. Evictions may still take place, but only in the case of criminal activity or extreme nuisance.

The minister’s motion has already garnered support from the KBvG, the association for bailiffs. Bailiff Wilbert van de Donk feels that evictions or seizures of household effects should be avoided as much as possible. "I say as much as possible because there can always be situations with, for example, cannabis farms or nuisance to neighbours where we have to act."

The minister has currently come to an agreement with the housing association (Aedes), the real estate investors association (IVBN), the student housing association (Kences) and the landlord association (Vastgoed Belang). However, landlords who are not affiliated with an association will not be able to proceed with evictions either.

Further measures

Veldhoven is also working on enacting an emergency law that will allow tenants to extend temporary lease contracts, something which is not possible as of yet. "In these times, it is not appropriate to expect tenants to be able to focus their full attention on looking for other housing while the landlord's notice period for their temporary lease is close," van Veldhoven wrote.

The government is also taking other measures to help tenants. Employers are to be financially supported to try and minimise job losses and there will also be arrangements for freelancers and flex workers. Furthermore, no collections costs will be charged if tenants fall behind with their rent payments.



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Nour-eddine Ar 02:20 | 4 April 2020

but are we supposed to pay them back after the pandemic ends ? if we don't enough funds, how are we supposed to pay them back ?

CasandraSmith 13:42 | 11 November 2020

If the tenants cannot pay and they cannot be lanloards pay their mortgages??? So if lanloards also have a mortgage "holiday" then the situation is creating DEBT all around and creating POVERTY !!! The pandemic is not worth to sacrifice economy of a country against all the inflated figures of the so call pandemic.