Biggest price increase in the world for Amsterdam offices

Biggest price increase in the world for Amsterdam offices

It’s not just the price of houses in Amsterdam which is soaring, it’s office spaces too. According to research by real estate advisor JLL, this year, the value of office buildings in Amsterdam rose more than it did in any other city in the world.

Rising prices in Amsterdam

In the third quarter of 2018, the value of office buildings in Amsterdam rose by 27,4 percent compared with the same period in the previous year. This is the first time that the Dutch capital has beaten other international locations in terms of price increases for offices.

The city with the second highest increase in office value is Madrid, with offices in the Spanish city increasing by 18,5 percent in value. Madrid is followed by Berlin, with office value rising by 15,9 percent and Milan, which saw an increase of 13,9 percent.

The increase in value for offices in Amsterdam can be put down to the growing demand from investors and tenants in contrast with the relatively few new buildings.

Not the most expensive offices in the world

Despite the great increase in value, offices in Amsterdam are not the most expensive in the world, although they could gradually catch up if the current trend persists. At present, annual rental prices for offices in the Zuidas business district of Amsterdam are around 400 euros per square metre.

This may seem particularly expensive, but this price is higher in Paris or London. In fact, in London, prices are three to four times higher than in Amsterdam.

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