Weekly coronavirus update: 63.973 total cases, 16 deaths in last week

Weekly coronavirus update: 63.973 total cases, 16 deaths in last week

The weekly report from the RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and Environment) reveals that, since the update last week, another 4.013 people in the Netherlands have tested positive for COVID-19, the illness that is caused by the new coronavirus. This means that the new total of infected people is 63.973.

Coronavirus situation in the Netherlands

Of the 63.973 people infected, another 16 people have died since last Tuesday*, August 11, bringing the death toll to 6.175. In total, 12.042 (+50) patients have been admitted to hospital. As not all people are getting tested, the true number of people infected with the new coronavirus is higher than reported. 

*There may be a delay between the day of death and the day that it is reported.

Date Confirmed cases Hospital admissions Deaths
August 12 - August 18** 63.973 (+4.013) 12.042 (+50) 6.175 (+16)
August 5 - August 11 59.973 (+4.036) 11.994 (+38) 6.159 (+9)
July 29 - August 4 55.955 (+2.588) 11.959 (+44)  6.150 (+6)
July 22 - July 28 53.374 (+1.329) 11.919 (+23) 6.145 (+9)
July 15 - July 21 52.073 (+987) 11.902 (+19) 6.136 (+7)
July 8 - July 14 51.146 (+534) 11.892 (+16)  6.135 (+8)
July 1 - July 7 50.694 (+432) 11.886 (+9) 6.132 (+19)
June 30 50.273 (+57) 11.877 (+3) 6.113 (+6)
June 29 50.223 (+78) 11.874 (+3) 6.107 (+2)


**Not all the patients reported tested positive, were hospitalised, or died in the past week. Some figures are only reported much later. The data from previous weeks is therefore supplemented to include them. 

Mark Rutte to hold a press conference

On Monday, August 17, Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced he and Health Minister Hugo de Jonge would be hosting another press conference at 7pm on Tuesday, August 18. This marks the second press conference this month. 

Prior to a meeting in Utrecht on Monday, De Jonge said additional measures were required to stop the rising number of coronavirus infections. However, it is not yet known what these new measures will be, and whether they will be announced at Tuesday’s press conference. It is suspected that Hugo de Jonge will announce limits on large events, and that perhaps new regional measures will be revealed for Amsterdam

The last press conference was on Thursday, August 6, when Rutte and De Jonge introduced a handful of new coronavirus measures in an attempt to stop a second wave.

Register for a coronavirus test

If you are experiencing coronavirus symptoms, you can get tested to see if you are infected with the virus. You can call 0800 1202 to make an appointment if you have one or more of the following mild symptoms (have your BSN at the ready):

  • Stuffy and / or runny nose
  • Sneezing
  • Sore throat
  • Coughing
  • Fever
  • Sudden loss of smell or taste

Contact a doctor if you have severe symptoms or if you belong to an at-risk group.

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