[Video] A good representation of Dutch humour

[Video] A good representation of Dutch humour

A lot of expats coming into the Netherlands are no doubt eager to make new friends and start engaging in Dutch culture. There is nothing that breaks the ice quite like a good funny joke but what happens if your joke doesn’t land? What is the Dutch sense of humour really like? What do they actually find funny?

All these things can be a real headache and potentially a little embarrassing if no one finds your jokes funny. Well don’t worry guys, this video, the aptly named “A good representation of Dutch humour” will have you cracking jokes and laughing along with the Dutch in no time!

Geer and Goor

I found this video while looking for something to share with all the wonderful IamExpat readers. I found out that the two men in this video are Gerard Joling and Gordon. The duo are musicians, television presenters and best friends (or fighting, depending on.... well, we are not sure). They have been entertaining the Dutch public since the 80s and are super successful in their own right, with careers that have seen both of them create multiple successful albums and TV shows.

Check out the video of these two, cracking joke after joke and see if it can’t bring a smile to your face. Let us know in the comments what you think of their jokes and if you have any other examples that you think really encapsulate the Dutch sense of humour.



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William Nehra

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