Unique film footage about Amsterdam from 1927

Almost 90 years ago, around 1927, Alex Benno shot ​​the film "Beautiful Amsterdam", as an advertisement for Amsterdam’s Amstel Hotel.

In the opening shots you can see that Damrak was just as busy back then as it is now, filled with trams, cars, cyclists and pedestrians!

"Beautiful Amsterdam" is a short, silent film of almost six minutes, made for a foreign audience and aimed mainly at Americans. English intertitles informed viewers of the most characteristic and interesting spots in the city.

At several points in the film, Benno makes use of the so-called "phantom ride", a popular stylistic device from the earliest days of film in which the camera is mounted on a moving vehicle.

From the collection of EYE Film.

Thomas Lundberg


Thomas Lundberg

Born as a Swede in the Netherlands, this life-long expat has spent his time in Belgium, the United States and Amsterdam. He began his professional career as a regional news...

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