Stay dry cycling with this bike poncho from Amsterdam

Cyclists in the Netherlands know the struggle all too well: how to stay dry while biking to and from work.

The Boncho, a bike poncho, applies some original ideas to provide you with another alternative in your battle against the elements.

Clever Dutch design

Hailing from the cycling capital of the world, Amsterdam-based company Vanmoof is creating a specialised bike poncho to keep you nice and dry no matter how rainy it is. It folds into an easy-to-store small package.

Bike poncho from the Netherlands

Wearing just a standard raincoat while you're on your bicycle doesn't protect your lower half. The Boncho, currently being funded on Kickstarter, provides an extended structure that goes over the handlebars to form a cover for your legs.

Folding and compact rain gear

Boncho uses a unique folding structure, similar to pop-up tents. The folding and unfolding is easy, making the package small, flat and easy to fit in a bag.

Durable and comfortable

Vanmoof plans on using material that is strong, stylish, weatherproof and breathable.

When you’re biking in the rain while wearing a rain coat, it’s inevitable that you begin to sweat after a while. That’s because rain coats don’t breath and there is nowhere for moisture to go.

The Boncho is designed so that you will stay dry even when you exert yourself. It’s open on the underside, and therefore very breathable.

The bike poncho features a small reflector strip woven inside the seam, so it doesn't affect the waterproof nature of the fabric.

Amsterdam-based company Vanmoof

Founded in 2009 in Amsterdam by the brothers Taco and Ties Carlier, Vanmoof designs bicycles with a modern look.

If you live in a city with a lot of cyclists, you will undoubtedly have seen the minimalist bikes they produce, where the lights have been integrated into both ends of the horizontal tube part of the frame.

Vanmoof has gained international acclaim for its innovative and functional design, having won the EUROBIKE award, the Dutch Design Award, RED DOT design award and the Fast Company Innovation by Design award. 

If you think the Boncho bike poncho is something you would like, you can join the Kickstarter campaign here. The Boncho costs 55 euro and has an expected shipping date of March, 2016.

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