Schiphol ranked as one of the top 15 airports in the world

Schiphol ranked as one of the top 15 airports in the world

Yes, you read that correctly. In spite of the multitude of issues the airport has faced over the past several weeks, a recent ranking has named Schiphol the 15th-best airport in the world, beating out airports in Hong Kong and Frankfurt.

The World Airport Awards 2022

Compiled by the UK-based consultancy firm Skytrax, the World Airport Awards have taken place annually since 1999 and assess customer service and facilities across over 500 airports around the world. Passenger experiences across various key airport services - such as check-in, transfers, security, and retail services - are gathered and compared through the airport customer satisfaction survey.

This year sees the Hamad International Airport in Doha named the best airport in the world for the second year in a row, with three Japanese airports claiming spots in the top 10. Many European airports also did fairly well, with Zurich Airport coming in ninth place and Munich airport coming in seventh.

Schiphol one of the world’s best airports in spite of chaos and queues

In the 2022 ranking, Schiphol Airport - the largest airport in the Netherlands and one of Europe's busiest airports - has managed to secure a spot in the top 20, coming in a very respectable 15th place. In addition to its position in the overall rankings, Schiphol Airport received the award for Best Airport Website and Digital Services. 

While the airport in Amsterdam has slipped slightly since the previous ranking, the fact that it has managed to cling to one of the top spots will likely surprise many, as the airport continues to face severe staff shortages following the coronavirus pandemic, leaving it unable to keep up with rising passenger numbers. Indeed, the situation at Schiphol has become so dire that airport management recently announced that thousands of outgoing flights would be cancelled over the summer.

The world's best airports in 2022

According to the results of the 2021 / 2022 airport customer satisfaction survey, the top 10 airports in the world are:

  1. Hamad International Airport (Doha)
  2. Tokyo Haneda International Airport
  3. Singapore Changi Airport
  4. Tokyo Narita Airport
  5. Incheon International Airport (Seoul)
  6. Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport
  7. Munich Airport
  8. Istanbul Airport
  9. Zurich Airport
  10. Kansai International Airport (Kyoto)

For more information about the ranking, visit the Skytrax website.

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