Participate in a survey about feeling at home in the Netherlands in 2021

Participate in a survey about feeling at home in the Netherlands in 2021

With summer nearly over and life slowly returning to normal, the International Community Advisory Platform (ICAP) is launching a new survey - this time focusing on feeling at home in the Netherlands. ICAP would like to know if you feel that you are part of Dutch society and what you think is important when it comes to feeling at home.

Join the international community: take the feeling at home survey 2021

ICAP conducts several surveys per year, aimed at raising the international community’s voice and providing the local government with advice based on real-life experiences by internationals. Lend a moment of your time to take part in ICAP's new survey about feeling at home in the Netherlands as an expat.

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You may have lived in the Netherlands for a few months or for several years, but would you say you feel at home? The aim of this survey is to come up with ideas and improvements to help internationals to connect with their local community and Dutch society in general.

How easy did you find it to make friends and find your way around when you moved to the Netherlands? Is learning Dutch important and have you ever faced discrimination because you are foreign? All these issues come up in the survey, which will take about 10 minutes to complete.

The results of the survey, commissioned by IN Amsterdam but open to everyone, will be used by local governments to tailor their strategies for welcoming the international community and to highlight issues that are problematic. Take part in the survey here!

ICAP calls on IamExpat readers

ICAP is an initiative set up by long-standing members of the Dutch international community to bridge the gap between expats and internationals and the government’s civic services. Their latest survey is about feeling at home in the Netherlands in 2021. The more people who take part in the survey, the more weight it will have, so please take a few minutes to answer the survey.

Responses will be collated, anonymised and presented to policymakers in a report. By completing the survey, you’ll be helping ICAP to find out more about whether internationals feel at home in the Netherlands. Participate in the survey on the ICAP website.



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