No female figures on traffic signs in the Netherlands

No female figures on traffic signs in the Netherlands

In Geneva, Switzerland, half of the traffic signs at zebra crossings are going to be replaced by ones with a female figure. Whilst this has received a lot of press and has been met with enthusiasm in other cities around the world, it doesn’t look like the Netherlands will be following suit.

No changes to signs in the Netherlands

Recently, a PvdA council member in Eindhoven came up with a plan to put female figures on traffic signs. However, it’s not up to municipalities – they can’t design their own road signs, only the government can do that. Minister for Transport Cora van Nieuwenhuizen shows little enthusiasm for changing the figures. “It should be clear that the figure is a person, that is clear on the signs as they are now and that is what is important”, she says.

Knowledge platform for infrastructure and traffic CROW has a directive and advises sticking to the plain symbols as they are. Van Nieuwenhuizen agrees, “Uniformity and recognisability are important for road safety. Having different signs is thus not a good idea.”

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Joep De Boer 00:15 | 27 January 2020

Isn't it just a plain human? I mean it neither has any defining female nor male features, it's just a "stickman".

larissadominque 11:20 | 31 January 2020

A stickman, not a stickwoman hahaha

larissadominque 11:19 | 31 January 2020

I am interested in how much does it costs and how many women could we save with this money. You know, people with real problems caused by misogyny