First health insurer announces premiums - much higher than expected

First health insurer announces premiums - much higher than expected

DSW is the first health insurer in the Netherlands to announce their 2020 monthly premiums. The government stated that they expected premiums to rise by three euros a month in their governmental budget plan, however, DSW is putting premiums up double that.

Healthcare premiums on the up

DSW is usually the first one to announce their premiums, so it is no surprise that they are the first this year as well. Their premium is going up by six euros a month in 2020 to take it to 118 euros for the basic health insurance package.

The increase in price is due to higher costs in the healthcare sector, salaries in particular. “Everyone agrees that people working in the healthcare sector should earn more”, the insurer’s chief executive Aad de Groot said. He explained that they expect there to be pay rises in the health sector and that these will account for half of the premium increase.

Unlike other health insurers, DSW offers a discounted own risk (eigen risico) at 375 euros, instead of the government set 385 euros. This lower own risk was introduced by former DSW CEO Chris Oomen. He felt it unfair that healthy policy-holders are able to get a discount on their premiums by increasing their own risk deductible.

When will we know the other premiums?

Health insurers in the Netherlands have until November 12 to publicly announce their premiums for the coming year. Consumers have until the end of the year, December 31, to switch insurance providers.

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