Extra coronavirus measures announced for six regions

Extra coronavirus measures announced for six regions

At the press conference on Friday, September 18, Prime Minister Rutte and Health Minister De Jonge announced extra coronavirus measures for six regions in the Netherlands.

The six regions affected

The new measures apply to the following six regions:

Extra measures for all six regions

The following measures apply to all six regions mentioned above:

Cafes / bars / restaurants

  • At midnight (00:00), you may no longer enter a café or restaurant. This also includes terraces.
  • At midnight, music is turned off.
  • At 01:00 cafes, bars and restaurants will close. By this time, you will need to have left the establishment.

Large groups

  • Groups can’t include more than 50 people.
  • However, large groups are allowed at: demonstrations, religious meetings, funerals, and schools.
  • Gatherings of over 50 people must be registered with the municipality.

Extra measures Amsterdam-Amstelland, Rotterdam-Rijnmond

  • Extra focus on following the basic coronavirus measures (1.5-metre distance, washing hands) in public, for instance, at shops and drink / food establishments.
  • Public establishments such as libraries, pools and city halls will have special opening times for the elderly and risk groups.
  • Parks will be close at midnight to prevent illegal parties.

More regional measures may be announced over the coming days.

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