Expats can finally open a bank account without a BSN

Expats can finally open a bank account without a BSN


Back in the day, opening a bank account presented a catch-22 for expats moving to the Netherlands. To open a bank account, they needed to have a place of residence and a BSN (Dutch social security number). However, obtaining the BSN could be a time-consuming process, which often translated into a delay in opening a bank account. And without a bank account, routine activities such as paying bills and receiving a salary became an ordeal.

Open a Dutch bank account without a BSN

That's a thing of the past now. ABN AMRO, leader in expat banking in the Netherlands, has made it possible to open a bank account in the Netherlands without a BSN. This means that you can potentially set up your account before you move via the ABN AMRO banking app, so your first paycheck or transfer can await your arrival.

So, how does it work?

When an expat opens a bank account via the ABN AMRO app, they set up the account using their foreign tax identifier number. Expats can add their Dutch BSN number when the necessary steps have been taken and it has been issued. This generally happens within 90 days of opening the account; local municipalities can take this much time legally to issue it.

Unfortunately, expats from the US will still need to have a physical appointment at an ABN AMRO branch, but most others can open their account using a foreign tax identifier number.

Open a Dutch bank account in under 10 minutes

You can apply for a bank account in just 10 minutes through the secure app of ABN AMRO. To verify your identity, you’ll need to take a photo of your Dutch identity card, residency permit, or international passport, and also take a selfie.

By opening a bank account with ABN AMRO, you get all the fundamental features you need. Their Basic Payment Package contains a current account, a debit card to do your daily purchases and access to online banking services.

Experts in expats

For over 25 years, ABN AMRO has been a trusted financial partner for expats, diplomats, civil servants and international organisations. They provide products and advice when it comes to payments, savings, insurance, credit cards, mortgages, loans and investments.

All the expat advisers at ABN AMRO are fluent in English and their website provides a wide range of (financial) tips and information for expats in English.



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