Expat Service: The convenient tax solution for expats

Expat Service: The convenient tax solution for expats


Expat Service fully understands that you are not looking forward to doing your Dutch income taxes. So they've done their utmost best to make it as fast and easy as possible by developing their custom online tax portal. Via this online portal, you can easily complete your Dutch income tax return, so you will have extra free time.

Do your taxes the easy way with Expat Service

As the portal is entirely online, there is no need to come to their office at all; everything can be done completely remotely. Of course, you are always welcome to come to the office and discuss things, if you prefer.

Easily compile your own income tax return online

Through Expat Service’s online tax portal, you can easily compile your own income tax return with the help of a questionnaire in English with easy-to-answer questions. Together with the information from the documents you will be asked to upload, these answers will be formed into a tax return statement.

After completion, their tax specialists will fully optimise your tax return and then send it to you for approval. As the tax return is entirely in English, you will better understand what is included in the document. Upon receiving your approval, Expat Service will file your Dutch tax return electronically with the Dutch tax authorities.

If you continue to use their services, you can skip a lot of the questions in the future, as your next questionnaire will be pre-populated. You will also have an overview of all your previous tax returns through their portal. All these automations make this portal very efficient, saving you precious time and costs.

Expat Service applies only the highest possible security requirements, including those of the programmes they work with, and all operations are GDPR proof.

Why use Expat Service?

Here are some of the advantages you benefit from by using Expat Service:

  • Online portal, accessible worldwide 24/7
  • Fast service
  • Fully English and simplified questions
  • Tax return in English, so you can better understand the content
  • Optimisation by a tax specialist
  • Low pricing
  • Ability to sign up and start directly
  • Payment after the questionnaire

New services coming soon!

Expat Service’s main tax-related services

Expat Services can help you out with the following:

  • P-Form
  • M-Form 
  • C-Form 
  • 30% ruling 

Expat Service: Taxes, financial and legal solutions

Expat Service was created to help expats with their tax obligations, but they can also assist you with other (financial and legal) services on request. They have a very highly skilled workforce with a lot of experience at the major accountancy firms in the world and over 25 years of experience in the field of expat-related matters.

Contact Expat Service!

Are you an expat who wants to do your taxes in a fast and easy way? Use Expat Service’s portal right now and let their professionals optimise your tax returns. This way, you will have more free time to focus on more important things. Visit their website and start now!



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