Elfi Lawyers: Your boutique law firm in the Netherlands

Elfi Lawyers: Your boutique law firm in the Netherlands


Elfi Lawyers is a widely known law firm in the Rotterdam area of the Netherlands, with a focus on particular specialities of the law. Elfi Lawyers handles employment law, social security law, and personal injury law: areas of law that are of particular relevance to the expat community in the Netherlands, as many expats have landed here through work contracts.

Need legal representation? You are in good hands with Elfi Lawyers!

Employment law

Most working adults will at some point in their life get a taste of employment law. This is especially the case for expats, who more often than not have uprooted their lives to come and work in the Netherlands. If you are an employee and wish to renegotiate an employment contract, negotiate terms of termination, or simply need advice on an employment-related issue, it is in your best interest to seek legal representation from a highly specialised employment lawyer. The same goes for employers who have often made significant investments to hire expats. Elfi Lawyers has decades of experience in employment law. Employers and employees are in good hands with Elfi Lawyers.

Social security law

An expat who works in the Netherlands for a Dutch employer has the same employment-related social security rights as a Dutch citizen. Many expats are not quite aware of this and may unintentionally forego benefits (such as unemployment benefits, disability benefits, etc.), once their employment contract ends. The government organisation that reviews your requests for benefits might unjustly decide that you are not entitled to benefits. You will need to formally object to this decision and, at times, may even have to file an appeal at an administrative court. Elfi Lawyers is highly specialised in these matters. Do not hesitate to seek representation from Elfi Lawyers.

Personal injury law

Elfi Lawyers started out with personal injury law as its core business. Due to the fact that many personal injury matters result in employment-related issues, or a need for social security benefits, Elfi Lawyers branched out into these other areas of law. Yet personal injury remains the firm’s core specialisation. Elfi Lawyers is an expert in negotiating and litigating personal injury claims. A quick Google search will show you plenty of positive reviews! For expats, it might be good to know that if you have a good insurance package through your employer, you may be entitled to an insurance payout when you have been involved in a one-sided accident. Elfi Lawyers will expertly provide legal services to individuals who suffer injury from an accident or a criminal act.

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The first meeting with Elfi Lawyers is always free of charge, no strings attached. Do not hesitate to go for affordable specialist advice and make an appointment for a free preliminary interview now. To book an appoint call +3110 205 26 30 or send an e-mail to [email protected].

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