Elfi Lawyers: Employment law experts in the Netherlands

Elfi Lawyers: Employment law experts in the Netherlands


Elfi Lawyers is a widely-known law firm located in the Rotterdam area of the Netherlands. Their firm focuses on Dutch employment law: an area of law of particular relevance to the expat community.

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Dutch employment law

Many expats are subject to Dutch employment law before they even step foot in the Netherlands. This is often the case when an expat comes to (semi-) permanently work for a Dutch employer or for an international company with a Dutch branch.

Expats do not typically seek a lawyer’s assistance for the formation of an employment contract. But if they are suddenly confronted with an employer who wants to terminate or change the terms of the contract, it is highly recommended that they seek legal assistance from a specialised employment lawyer.

Elfi Lawyers: Legal assistance for employment matters

If you are an employee and you wish to renegotiate an employment contract, negotiate terms of termination, or simply need advice on an employment-related issue, EIfi Lawyers can be of assistance. The same goes for employers who have often made significant investments to hire expats. Elfi Lawyers has ample experience in employment law; employers and employees alike are in good hands with their team!

The first consultation with Elfi Lawyers is always free of charge, with no strings attached. Even if you, as an employee, have not yet received communication from your employer that the work contract will be terminated or simply sense / have other clues that it will happen, give their team a call!

Stay ahead of potential issues

It is always good to stay ahead of things. If you call one of the legal professionals from Elfi Lawyers, they will share their preliminary insights about your matter. If in a later stage lawyering on your behalf becomes necessary, they are also ready to jump into action. On the other hand, if your concerns turn out to be unfounded or premature, giving them a call will have cost you nothing.

Regarding the costs, it is also good to know that, by far, most employers give a provision for the legal fees an employee incurs for negotiating a termination contract.


Unemployment: Social security benefits

An expat who works in the Netherlands for a Dutch employer has the same employment related social security rights as a Dutch citizen. Many expats are not quite aware of this and may unintentionally forego benefits (such as unemployment benefits, disability benefits, etc.), once their employment contract ends.

The government organisation that reviews your request for these types of benefits might unjustly decide that you are not entitled to them. You will then need to formally object to this decision and, at times, even file an appeal at an administrative court. Elfi Lawyers is highly specialised in these matters - do not hesitate to seek representation from their experienced team!

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Elfi Lawyers offers affordable specialist legal advice to expats in the Netherlands. To book an appointment, call +31 102 052 30 or send an email to [email protected].



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