Demand for sex toys skyrockets during quarantine

Demand for sex toys skyrockets during quarantine

The demand for sex toys has risen sharply as people bunker down in their homes during quarantine.

A huge rise in demand

Since the Dutch government asked people in the Netherlands to stay home as much as possible due to coronavirus, adult entertainment companies are seeing a huge rise in demand. EDC Retail, the parent company of the EasyToys and webshops, has reported that demand has doubled over the past three weeks.

EDC Retail has seen a significant increase in the sales of condoms, vibrators and lubricant in the last couple of weeks. The demand for other sex toys, such as silicone sex dolls has also risen sharply. To cope with the rise in demand, EDC Retail has had to hire an additional 40 employees.

The CEO of EDC, Eric Idema said that, on average, they have had about two thousand extra orders come in per day. “Normally, we see declining in spending in March and April. Now, we see an average turnover growth of 94 percent. In one day, it was even 162 percent.” There were even concerns over a shortage of sex toys when production almost ceased in China due to the coronavirus. Production has since resumed and there are no current concerns over the supply. also registered an increase in demand for sex-related products. According to the company, condom sales increased by 30 percent over 2 weeks, with the sales of sex toys and lube growing by an average of 20 percent over the same period.

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