Cabinet to discuss COVID-19 rules as OMT advises further relaxations

Cabinet to discuss COVID-19 rules as OMT advises further relaxations

With the latest advice from the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) recommending the reopening of the cultural and hospitality sectors, Dutch cabinet ministers are meeting on Monday to discuss the upcoming coronavirus press conference and potential relaxations of the current restrictions. 

Dutch government and OMT optimistic about COVID-19 situation

The government’s decision to leave a number of lockdown measures in place at the last press conference was met with much controversy and various protests and demonstrations across the Netherlands. Now, however, less than two weeks later, the outlook appears to be more positive and Prime Minister Mark Rutte is optimistic about lifting various COVID-19 restrictions on Tuesday. 

The OMT is also feeling more hopeful, with the latest report from medical experts advising the Dutch government to reopen the hospitality and cultural industries, albeit with an enforced closing time of 8pm. 

Sources in The Hague have suggested that Rutte and Health Minister Ernst Kuipers will opt to open restaurants, museums, theatres, and cinemas, with an enforced closing time of 10pm. With these venues reopening, the government will also reintroduce the use of coronavirus certificates.

Hospital admissions continue to fall, infection rate on the rise

As of Sunday, a total of 1.093 COVID-19 patients were being treated in Dutch hospitals, 275 of which were in intensive care. Before the last press conference, this figure stood at 1.289. While the hospitalisation and death rates continue to fall, the national infection rate is on the rise, with over 65.000 cases of coronavirus reported on Sunday. 

The final decisions regarding the national coronavirus restrictions will be made clear at the next coronavirus press conference, which is scheduled for 7pm on January 25.

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