Brexit may be delayed

Brexit may be delayed

Brexit may not go ahead as planned, as British MPs opt for a delay to the enactment of article 50. You may have already received your temporary residence permit from the Dutch government, but you’ll have to sit in uncertainty and wait for the outcome of Brexit for a little while longer.

Pushing the Brexit deadline

Brexit was set to go ahead on March 29, 2019, whether there was a deal in place or not. However, last week, the option of a no-deal Brexit was also taken off the table. And after another recent vote on whether to extend the deadline or not, the British parliament has voted, by an overwhelming majority, to push the date of Brexit back by three months (413 people voted for and 202 against the motion).

Seeking EU approval

Brexit could now be extended to at least June 30, possibly longer if Theresa May’s plan is not approved by March 20. If her plan is not approved, the extension could be up to two years. Of course, May has to ask Brussels first if they will allow her to extend the exit deadline. All 27 EU member states must approve this decision.

Additionally, another motion for a second referendum was unanimously defeated. This does not, however, rule out the possibility of another motion calling for a second referendum in the future.

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