Bonus of 1.000 euros for all coronavirus healthcare workers in the Netherlands

Bonus of 1.000 euros for all coronavirus healthcare workers in the Netherlands

The Dutch government has announced that all workers in Ducth healthcare who have experienced the consequences of the coronavirus outbreak will receive a one-off bonus of 1.000 euros.

Who gets the bonus?

The non-taxable bonus will be afforded to all workers who, either directly or indirectly, suffered consequences in their work due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. This includes nurses, carers, assistants, cleaners, and other support staff in all sectors of care, but not doctors.

Those working in mental health support and nursing homes will also benefit. It is estimated that about 800.000 people will be eligible to apply.

Minister for Medical Care Martin van Rijn said that this bonus serves to show the government’s appreciation for all healthcare workers and the duties they carried out throughout the corona-crisis. 

How can you apply?

The plan for finding the most effective way of paying out the subsidy will be further developed and finalised over the summer months. Plans are to have a special centre open by October 1 to deal specifically with bonus requests. 

Health Minister Hugo de Jonge said healthcare professionals worked tirelessly day and night throughout the crisis under unprecedented circumstances to help others. According to De Jonge, the money will be paid out this autumn.

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