Amsterdam in top 5 of Savills IM Dynamic Cities Index 2018

Amsterdam in top 5 of Savills IM Dynamic Cities Index 2018

Amsterdam has managed to secure its 4th place in the Savills IM Dynamic Cities Index for yet another year. The Dutch city scored 77 out of an overall score of 100.

Dynamic Cities 2018

This year marks the second edition of the Dynamic Cities Index, which investigates “future readiness”. It gathers data concerning 250 factors for 130 European cities, including capitals and cities with a minimum metropolitan area of 250.000 inhabitants and a positive growth forecast.

The final index looks at 60 factors across six different categories. Factors such as current infrastructure, future population, governance and infrastructure spending are addressed in the category of infrastructure. Under the category of interconnection, connectivity, commuting, local connectivity, transport infrastructure improvements and magnet and pollution are examined.

The factors of manoeuvrability, diversity, participation and magnet and purchasing power are investigated in the category of inclusion. Under the category of inspiration, factors such as engagement, culture, parks and cafes, arts sector strength and liveability are explored.

The category of innovation reviews activity resources and patents as factors, and the category of investment inspects population growth, wealth, property activity and commercial real estate score. Of course, many factors are informed by other sub-inputs. According to the index, those cities that show balanced performance across all categories would be considered top cities for real estate investors.

Amsterdam in the top

Amsterdam comes in at 4th place on this year’s Dynamic Cities Index. It scores particularly well on the categories of inspiration and inclusion. In the categories of interconnection, inspiration, innovation and investment, Amsterdam takes a top 10 spot.

The city profits from the increasing demand for office and living space, as well as the current developments at the Zuidas business district. The Zuidas is to be an urban hub and residential area, with 300.000m2 of office space, along with 400.000m2 of facilities and 7.000m2 of homes in the coming years, with sustainability taking a key role.

It is not only Amsterdam which makes its way onto the ranking tables this year, Eindhoven and Rotterdam are two of the greatest climbers in Europe, both climbing 13 places and ending up at 35th and 47th position respectively.

The Hague makes it into the top 50 this year, ranking at number 45 and 4th for the subcategory of investments. Utrecht and Groningen make it into the top 60, taking 55th and 60th place respectively.

Top 10 Dynamic Cities

London, Cambridge and Paris take the first three places on the Index respectively. These cities all score 90 or above for one or more of the six categories used by the Index. The other top 10 dynamic cities in Europe are as follows.

  1. London
  2. Cambridge
  3. Paris
  4. Amsterdam
  5. Berlin
  6. Dublin
  7. Munich
  8. Oxford
  9. Basel
  10. Stockholm

For more information, please see the Dynamic Cities website.

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