5G is coming to the Netherlands: A mast on every street corner

5G is coming to the Netherlands: A mast on every street corner

According to a legislative proposal from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, the government is making way for the introduction of 5G transmissions masts and antennas. Municipalities will be obliged to cooperate with the installation of antennas in / on public buildings, lampposts and traffic lights.

Thousands of antennas needed

In the coming years, 5G-internet will be introduced in the Netherlands. However, in order to guarantee that this super speedy internet is available in busy areas, a lot more transmission masts and antennas are needed. The antennas, a.k.a. small cells, will be popping up all over the streets. They are even already being incorporated into street furnishings, like bus stops.

Currently, there are about 46.000 mobile antennas in the Netherlands, but it is likely that another 10.000 will be added to this number in the run-up to 2022- when 5G is expected to be rolled out on a large scale. The antennas are necessary, according to the government, in order to “offer trendsetting services to users”, like autonomous cars.

Are there health risks?

This spring, political party GroenLinks sounded the alarm on possible health risks which could be caused by the radiation from the new 5G antennas. GroenLinks wants the government to carry out extra research into these risks.

However, according to the State Secretary of Economic Affairs and the Minister of Medical Care that is not necessary, as several studies show no indication of health hazards. The agency Telekom, will, nonetheless, continue to monitor the radiation levels in public areas. This autumn, the government will publish a list of requirements for companies wanting to provide 5G services.

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michael369 10:22 | 19 July 2019

5G has been proven to be very dangerous! The tests are shoved under the rug bc these telecom companies make too much money rolling this out! Come to the Melkweg on Sept 15 to learn more about the extreme risks for you and your children!

Hans Vlam 16:17 | 19 July 2019

do you have any proof of this? and if so with a credible source. because this tech is being used to forcast the weather for some years now.

Dave Horne 14:25 | 9 March 2020

The radiation emitted from 5G is non ionizing and poses no threat. If you have proof from a reputable source, please share it. That which is asserted without proof can be rejected without proof.

Jua Ni 00:15 | 28 July 2019

They are building a big microwave, and we are a inside. Cannot believe it is happening like this.

carolynf 07:25 | 16 August 2019

There is growing scientific evidence about potential health risks from the microwave radiation associated with 5g towers and cellphones. More and more communities are putting a halt to the rollout until more is known, but not in the Netherlands, apparently.

Bert Wouda 03:31 | 13 September 2019 greetings from NZ

nmolem 20:28 | 29 November 2019

The fear of 5G technology due to its use of higher electromagnetic frequencies is baseless. 5G indeed uses higher frequencies compared to 4G, radio, and television frequencies, but still less then infrared and visible light . If you are worried about 5G radiation, you should make sure to stay out of daylight ....

Steffie Canutje 00:08 | 20 April 2020