Penalties for study delay

The Dutch government intends to increase the tuition fee for students who take more than one year extra to graduate. The increase in tuition fees applies to students who pay the statutory tuition fee.

If these students need more than one additional year to complete their Bachelor’s (+1) and / or Master’s (+1) programme, they are penalised with 3.000 euros additional lecture fees from next year onwards. This means that these students will have to pay a total fee of 4.700 euros annually. In addition, universities will receive a "penalty cut" of 3.000 euros for every delayed student.

The Dutch parliament will decide in January 2011 on the penalty system and the tuition fee increase. It is not yet clear whether the parliament will agree to these plans. If the increase is not implemented per September 2011, it is likely the increase will be introduced gradually in the coming years.

The university understands that these government plans may have a great impact on all of you. We advise you to follow the university communication on the subject carefully as of January 2011. We will inform you as soon as we have a clearer understanding of the consequences.

On January 21, all student unions will protest in The Hague against the government plans and the increase in tuition fees for delayed students.

Source: Maastricht University



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