Maastricht University receives two micro grants

The Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience (FPN) at Maastricht University received two micro grants of 5.000 euros each for innovation in education.

One micro grant is awarded to Gjalt-Jorn Peters (W&SP) on "Knowledge maps in digitally recorded lectures." The innovative aspect of the grant proposal is structuring content of a course in a hierarchical knowledge map (cf. methods of the Khan Academy). Each element of the knowledge map is going to be explained in a short "clip." In this way, students are not required to view an entire lecture but may select clips about specific elements.

The second micro grant on increasing student involvement in education groups is awarded to Pascal van Gerven (NP&PP). This micro grant, called "Students in Charge," proposes an experiment in tutorial groups in which second and third year students work without their tutor being present continuously.

The goal is to enable students to work on their professional qualities, such as leading a group independently and taking responsibility as a group member. To make this successful, special material for the group meetings will be designed (e.g. to help students to come up with adequate problem statements and learning goals without the interference of a tutor). Moreover, the grant enables FPN to design, test and evaluate an optimal course format.



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