Expert academic guidance to help you navigate the university search

Expert academic guidance to help you navigate the university search


Living abroad is an exciting adventure, but it brings along additional challenges. One such challenge is how to approach the search for higher education as an international student. Should students target their home countries, navigate schools where they currently live, or look elsewhere altogether?

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LAUNCH Education Advisors offers academic guidance to help families effectively navigate the university search and admissions process. With an 85 percent acceptance rate and an average of 320.000 USD scholarships received per student, LAUNCH is uniquely positioned to help students find success on their education journey.

Who is LAUNCH?


LAUNCH Education Advisors is led by Lauren Joyce Hensel, a Chicago native who has lived in the Netherlands for five years. She is the only certified IEC (International Education Consultant) in the entire Benelux region, which ensures advising practices are held to the highest ethical standards. As a former US College Admissions Officer, Lauren and her team have a combined 20 years of experience in college advising.

College / university application requirements

College / university applications have changed drastically in recent years. Acceptance rates can be as low as 4 percent, and applications, especially at the most competitive colleges in the US, can require extensive information from an applicant.

Requirements vary per country and school, but overall, a student could be asked to provide any combination of the following: personal statement, motivation letter, grade list, predicted exam results, standardised test scores, extracurricular activities or a CV, biographical information, supplemental essays, and an interview.


Such lengthy applications call for careful time management, proactivity, and organisation. LAUNCH provides scheduled deadlines, regular check-ins, advice, and strategy throughout the entire process.

LAUNCH Education Advisors services

LAUNCH’s unique approach starts with understanding a student’s values, talents and interests. From there, LAUNCH builds a personalised college list that results in the best fit possible for individual students. Then they guide them through the entire process of applying to university:

  • Translating GPA conversion from non-US curriculums into required school format
  • Strategising ways to stand out as a strong applicant
  • One-on-one essay coaching and review
  • Standardised test preparation and strategy
  • Major and career exploration
  • Tips for letters of recommendation
  • Interview prep
  • Advice for expanding extracurricular involvement
  • Application audit, including activity descriptions
  • Deadline management
  • Financial aid
  • Financial comparison
  • Decision-making model
  • Study and life skills for incoming college freshman

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LAUNCH offers comprehensive packages starting from as early as age 14, as well as hourly rates. Additionally, they offer an online store with digital downloads and webinars on various topics. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your needs.

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