Dutch students get photorealistic 3D-printed 'school photo'

As 3D printing is becoming increasingly affordable and commonplace, new and innovative applications are constantly being explored. A Dutch company wants to use 3D scanning and printing technology to create a new type of school photography in the Netherlands.

Amsterdam school first to get 3D photos

700 students of the Montessorischool Steigereiland in Amsterdam recently had the opportunity to experience what could be the future of school photography. The Dutch photography firm Nieuweschoolfoto scanned each student and created a photorealistic 3D-printed figure for them.

The children first had to stand upright in a scanner, which looks like a high-tech version of the traditional photo booth. Inside there are cameras that capture the student from head to toe in 360 degrees.

The scanning process only lasts four seconds and the students are not allowed to move during this time.

It takes another 15 minutes for all of the images to be compiled into a 3D model of the student.

Printing the 10 cm tall replica takes the 3D printer about 5 hours, and currently the company charges 60 euros per student.

For another 6 euros, the company can create a moving 3D digital animation of the student.

Personal avatar in FIFA

A cool extra bonus is that the 3D scans can be imported as an avatar for use in videogames such as FIFA. With the 3D scanning technology, kids are able to use their likeness to play against Zlatan, Messi or Ronaldo in the popular football game.

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