De Kleine Wereld: Your partner in child-rearing

De Kleine Wereld: Your partner in child-rearing


The people of De Kleine Wereld (the small world) are committed to a deeply personal approach in which they - together with the parents - are involved in child-rearing. They do this in a loving and professional environment where your children’s enjoyment is a top priority. Child-rearing has the goal of preparing children for independent and social participation in society.

De Kleine Wereld not only offers children the ability to develop undisturbed and freely, but they also give them skills, knowledge, norms and values. De Kleine Wereld does that in a playful way, since children learn by playing.

Children are unique individuals

De Kleine Wereld sees children as powerful, talented and unique individuals. They have a natural urge to develop themselves. They are curious and discover the world around them at their own level, at their own pace, and depending on their own capabilities and character. This process often runs in recognisable phases - but not always.

Children are focused on contact from birth. They seek interaction with other children, with adults, and with their environment. De Kleine Wereld guides and cares for the children with a pedagogic vision that is founded on solid knowledge and years of experience.

These are two important starting points:

  • Children are taken seriously and seen fully
  • Children are not the adults of tomorrow, but the people of the now

Small World

A real partner in child-rearing

Finding suitable care for your child is no small matter. De Kleine Wereld realises this all too well. It goes without saying that you are looking for the best conceivable care; a safe and stimulating environment in which your child continues to develop and feels completely at ease. You expect professionalism, personal engagement, pedagogy and stability from childcare, with a great deal of warmth, involvement and attention for your child from the staff. In short: a real partner in child-rearing.

Contact De Kleine Wereld

De Kleine Wereld wants to be that partner! Contact them at [email protected] or via 020 4120633. For an impression of De Kleine Wereld or registrations, please visit their website or social media accounts:



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