Childcare CompaNanny: Expert in child development for 20 years

Childcare CompaNanny: Expert in child development for 20 years


For 20 years, CompaNanny has been the expert in child development, thanks to their effective working method, well-trained pedagogic employees, and additional services to support parents. Everything CompaNanny does is based on their own well-thought-out pedagogic vision, where the needs and development of the child are central.

Creating tomorrow: CompaNanny believes in a better world and works every day to build future generations that will contribute

CompaNanny's working method

CompaNanny's pedagogic policy is at the heart of operations at all branches. Their working method focuses on the needs of the child, conscious attention, healthy eating habits, exploring indoors and outdoors, and a homely environment.

Since every child is unique and develops at their own pace, CompaNanny gives children all the space they need. With a lot of confidence and respect for the needs of each child, CompaNanny ensures that they can develop in peace.


What types of childcare does CompaNanny offer?

CompaNanny offers childcare for children from 0 to 12 years old. At the daycare, where everything revolves around playing and discovering together, children aged 0 to 4 are taken care of.

In addition, children aged 2 to 4 can attend the kindergarten, where they are prepared for primary school in a playful manner.

Finally, CompaNanny offers after-school care for children aged 4 to 12. Here, children can be completely themselves and choose activities based on their current needs.


Bilingual childcare at CompaNanny

For expats and international families, CompaNanny has a bilingual group at several locations. At the bilingual groups, the pedagogic employees stimulate the language development of the children by speaking both Dutch and English. In addition, attention is paid to different cultures. There is always a Dutch-speaking and English-speaking pedagogic employee present in the bilingual group. The bilingual groups are suitable for children aged 0 to 4.

Bilingual care is offered at the following locations:

The pedagogic employees are the experts

The pedagogic employees of CompaNanny are ready every day to provide the best care. They do this with great dedication and love for the profession. In order to take care of the children as well as possible, it is important that they feel good, work in a close-knit team, and are given all the space they need to develop. CompaNanny pays a lot of attention to this!

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The locations

CompaNanny has branches in various cities in the Netherlands, including Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Schiphol, The Hague, and Rotterdam. With more than 50 locations, there is always a childcare branch near you!

View all locations on the CompaNanny website.

Get to know CompaNanny

Would you like to know more about CompaNanny? Take a look at the website! Of course, you can also request a tour or register your child at a branch near you.



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