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NIAS, the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences, invites researchers at Dutch universities to apply for a NIAS fellowship in 2012 - 2013. The deadline is August 15, 2011.

NIAS Fellows are selected from prominent researchers and senior scholars in the humanities and social sciences who have already made a contribution to their field. Scholarly achievements, obtained grants and awards, and reputation and quality of publications are aspects considered in the evaluation process.

Moreover, the added value of the proposed project for the Dutch scientific community is an important criterion for selection.

Preference is given to proposals for interdisciplinary projects and projects that are closely related to an already externally funded project.

In the coming years NIAS specially welcomes projects that are related to the following topics:
 Cultural Heritage and Computational Humanities
 Brain and Cognition
 Global Society and Identity

A NIAS Fellow affiliated with a Dutch university is entitled to a replacement subsidy for teaching duties.

The deadline for applications from Dutch researchers is August 15, 2011. The deadline for scholars from outside the Netherlands has already passed.

For more information on the application procedure and the application form, please visit the NIAS website.

NIAS is an institute for advanced study in the humanities and social sciences. Each year, the Institute invites around 50 carefully selected scholars, both from within and outside the Netherlands, to its centre in Wassenaar where they are given the opportunity to do research over a ten-month or five-month period. Fellows carry out their research either as individuals or as part of a research theme group.

Several scholars from Utrecht University have been appointed NIAS-fellows recently, among them Dr Joel Anderson, Dr Gert-Jan Johannes, Dr Alec Badenoch and Dr Jacco Pekelder.

Source: Utrecht University



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