R&D Project Manager Plant Based Nutrition

Research / Academic

Wanted! A R&D Project manager!!! Are you ready tot fuel the innovation pipeline for the Plant Based Nutrition department? Are you the project manager looking for his next step within Plant Based Nutrition? Then I Am looking for you!

Your mission
As a project manager Plant Based Nutrition your objective is to fuel the innovation pipeline for the Plant Based category, defining relevant science and Innovation strategy to meet consumer expectations.

The Innovation roadmap and projects will be worked out in a cross-functional set up (Consumer Marketing, Medical Affairs, Regulatory Affairs, Quality, Operations and Finance), with global and local perspective, to anticipate all challenges to reach the market.
You will be responsible to co-build a consumer centric & science based PB portfolio that addresses the needs of our specialised nutrition targets , integrating the SN PB strategy into R&I dedicated programs by:

  • translating market and consumer insights into r&I program and innovation pipeline for short and long term
  • designing new plant-based product compositions considering the specific nutritional needs of SN targets
  • activating existing science and/or generate new evidence, engaging our internal Expert H&S or external partners
  • building aligned scientific communication partnership with Medical Affairs, you will be responsible for.

Key responsibilities:

  • Set up and drive the R&I programs/projects and ensure stakeholder alignment in different parts of the organization (secure adequate alignment on objectives, time lines and activities in cross functional setting , within R&I pillars and with other department i.e. regulatory affairs, marketing, medical affairs ).
  • Translate and Leverage existing science and/ or new generated evidence into global communication (Provide scientific and nutritional expertise in innovation projects, write/deliver supporting scientific rationales, design scientific educational programs supporting implementation of global communication of product launch of our innovations).
  • Initiate, set-up and supervise experimental solutions to scientifically substantiate key innovations related to Plant Based and generate IP.
  • Identify and activate new initiatives (external partnership, experimental innovation design) that can result in differentiating innovation delivery.
  • Know and follow science, innovation and communication of scientific community and key competitors.

The salary is around €7600 gross a month, based on a full time contract.
You can initially expect a secondment contract with a possibility to join the company on a permanent basis afterwards


We are looking for an experienced scientist with: * An academic degree in nutrition or in a biomedical background; * Good communication skills (English) to interact with internal and external stakeholders and build a network within R&I and cross-functional teams; * Work experience (3y+) in a commercial or medical/therapeutic setting, with ability to translate science for non-scientific audiences; * Flexible and able to work effectively in a multidisciplinary environment with competing and changing priorities; * Motivated to learn broader aspects of conducting science in a business environment and open to understand the needs of division beyond R&I
About the company:

The company is developing nutritional concept, targeting the specific nutritional needs of various targets, to ensure health and well-being, prevent or manage certain health condition. Although first focus is health delivery, it is also becoming more and more important for the consumers & patient to use more natural and sustainable solution. With this new consumer aspiration, nutrition solution based on plant are a fast-growing business space, and they want to strengthen their innovation delivery in this specific area, building on strong scientific understanding, to enrich our broad range of product portfolio.