Full Professor of Comparative Anatomy and Physiology (1.0 FTE)

Research / Academic


The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine invites talented candidates to apply for the position of Full Professor of Comparative Anatomy and Physiology. This fulltime, tenured position oversees all functional and operational activities of the Section of Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology. We seek candidates who demonstrate teaching and research excellence in the fields of anatomy and/or physiology, who are interested in exploring innovative teaching strategies and technologies, who are dedicated to promoting a diverse and inclusive environment and who are committed to stimulating and facilitating cohesion between disciplines.  


The professorship has the unique position of connecting and integrating various educational, research and clinical efforts at Utrecht University and the University Medical Center Utrecht, an academic research hospital, within the scope of the section. In addition to Veterinary Medicine, these include Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cells and Cancer, Veterinary Biomedicine and the Life Sciences disciplines at Utrecht University in general.


The primary responsibilities of the Professor of Comparative Anatomy and Physiology are to formulate a clear vision for the role of veterinary anatomy and physiology within the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and within Utrecht Life Sciences in a wider perspective, to contribute to ongoing innovation of the section’s educational curriculum, and to initiate translational research in the area of Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cells and Cancer. Further, the Full Professor will be expected to expand the section’s research and valorization activities with respect to creating alternatives to using animals for teaching purposes. He or she manages a diverse team of Senior and Junior Lecturers, Student Assistants and Technicians, who help with practical coursework.


The successful candidate is expected to:

  • oversee and ensure high-quality teaching and education of the section at all relevant levels;
  • stimulate innovation of educational activities of the section;
  • intensify integration of the Anatomy and Physiology disciplines within the teaching programme;
  • expand post-graduate training courses within the framework of the current Faculty-wide “life-long learning” initiative;
  • initiate translational research within the existing research focus area of Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cells and Cancer;
  • develop complementary and synergistic interactions between the research and teaching personnel of the section, to enhance academic input and output and reflection on education;
  • participate in the research areas relevant to the section and contribute to acquisition of external research funding, to scientific output and meeting of societal criteria;
  • increase international recognition of the Veterinary Anatomy Resource Center (VetArc-UU), a centre for the production of plastinates and innovative teaching techniques;
  • expand the activities of VetArc-UU by stimulating innovative research and development focusing on reduction and replacement of animal experimentation, for instance by developing alternatives such as “organ-on-a-chip” devices;
  • contribute to the Faculty organization and the well-being of the scientific community by participation in management and faculty committees.


The successful candidate will ideally meet the following requirements:

  • a PhD degree and (preferably) a DVM degree;
  • experience in academic teaching and/or research at an advanced level;
  • experience with working in an academic setting, preferably at the management level;
  • an international reputation for excellence in teaching and/or research in the field of Anatomy or Physiology;
  • track record in scientific publications and attracting of external funding in a relevant research field is required;
  • track record in course development and in participation in educational committees is an advantage;
  • a clear vision on the development of innovative teaching tools for the disciplines of Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology;
  • excellent teaching skills and familiarity (preferred) with Veterinary Medicine curricula, but candidates with experience in Medical or Biomedical curricula will be considered;
  • vision about how to attract external funding;
  • exceptional networking skills;
  • excellent communication and proven management skills, in particular inspiring co-workers to achieve excellence;
  • ability to communicate (speaking and writing) in English fluently. Willingness to learn Dutch would be appreciated.

Salary Benefits:

We offer a fulltime permanent position. The gross salary varies, depending on previous qualifications and experience, between €5,441 and €7,921 per month (fulltime appointment in scale H2 of the Collective Labour Agreement of the Dutch Universities). Salaries are supplemented with a holiday allowance of 8% and a year-end bonus of 8.3% per year. In addition, there are outstanding secondary benefits such as a minimum of 29 days of holidays per year, study facilities and a pension plan. For more information visit: Utrecht University Terms of Employment.

Work Hours:

36 - 40 hours per week


Domplein 29