Tenure Track position for an Assistant professor on (Digital) Entrepreneurship

Research / Academic

To strengthen our digital entrepreneurship team, we are looking for enthusiastic colleagues who have obtained PhD degrees in statistics, econometrics, quantitative social science or related disciplines, have one or more top publication(s), are excellent teachers, as witnessed, for example, by favorable teaching evaluations. We are specifically looking for academics with a strong quantitative background and understanding of quantitative social sciences e.g. computational social sciences, large scale experimentations, behavioral tracking, social-network analysis and agent-based modelling and want to apply this knowledge in the context of organizations, businesses and entrepreneurship.


Our quantitative approach is relatively unique in the field of entrepreneurship and helps us build strong relations with the other research groups at Mariënburg. Of course, where appropriate we mix qualitative and quantitative methods. We have a preference of using objective data from micro- to macro-level (e.g. behavioral trackers, data scraping) and develop new organizational measures to build and test novel theories. We are especially interested in using data and technology to get a better understanding of modern digital organizations. For example, we are interested in using technology to better measure concepts such as Time and Speed and their relation with organizational effectiveness. 


But we are also interested in hearing your ideas, dreams and suggestions on research into digital organizations. This may range from studies on Software Start-ups (e.g. failures, pivoting) to studies of novel innovation ecosystems with collectives such as GitHub, TopCoder, and Kickstarter. And from studies of novel business models and revenue models (platform based, dynamic pricing) to novel methods of organizing (e.g. effectiveness of Agile, Scrum) in novel digital networks. And from Entrepreneurial Decision Making (e.g. social signal processing) to Digital Innovation with its focus on digital services (Digital Servitization). 


The profile of the Digital Entrepreneurship tenure tracker should address the following skills:


  • Track record in Entrepreneurship, Innovation Management, Organization Studies or related field
  • Understanding of novel quantitative methods in the social sciences and an affinity with Artificial Intelligence and Technology (e.g. Software)
  • Enthusiasm to use modern Data Science methods to study entrepreneurship aspects (e.g. opportunity recognition, decision making (e.g. quality, speed), organizational learning.
  • Willingness to develop new insights and theories on digital entrepreneurship, innovation, organizations and networks

Within the broader realm of Digital Organizational Theories, the candidate may come from various backgrounds, from start-ups to corporate entrepreneurship, and from innovation management to organizational studies. Important is the ability and willingness to apply modern quantitative data science and AI methods to the field of digital businesses in its broadest sense. This TT will work closely with the academics in data governance and data management (e.g. focus on metrics) as well as the academics on data mining and modelling (e.g. focus on dynamic learning). This TT will be involved in Master courses such as; Data Entrepreneurship in Action I, II and III, Entrepreneurial Finance, and the Master thesis. Teaching within Professional Learning could also be applicable.

Salary Benefits:

A tenure track position for five years for 0.8 – 1 FTE as Assistant Professor.  The position comes with an attractive job package that features benefits including pension benefits, insurance discounts, career support spouses, ample vacation days (41), and a fixed end-of-year bonus (8,3%), to mention but a few. The position can become tenured after four years if the candidate satisfies the tenure requirements of JADS Mariënburg. The gross salary is largely determined by the Dutch labour agreement (CAO NU) for universities, namely scale 11 (a maximum annual gross salary of € 69,500) and  we aim to offer a competitive salary within this framework.

Work Hours:

40 hours per week


Sint Janssingel 92