Contract Officer

Supply Chain / Logistics

As a Contract Officer your main responsibilities are:

  • Contract Management and everything that has to do with it like, entering purchages and sales into the system, send contracts to suppliers, follow up to finance for currency heding and setting-up purchase orders for shipments.
  • Shipment follow up so: monitoring shipments, follow up and registering supplier documents, booking and managing freights, and ensuring that imports are cleared at customs.
  • Stock management so managing the stock, book them in SAP, ensure stock is registered once it's in the warehouse, and making sure to inform CPM of stock levels in case of shortage.
  • Purchase orders so providing support to ensure processing of the orders is done accurately and timely.
  • Invoicing and checking to approve invoices related to warehousing, suppliers and sales plants.
  • Support and service so provide all documents regarding the quality for each delivery.
  • Provide and deliver any request related to your portfolio from international customers, finance and suppliers.
  • Provide Support to the general purchasing activities though making forecasts, data analysis, stock issues and sourcing or tendering processes.


For this job it's important that you have the following experiences:

  • At least a relevant bachelor related to the job.
  • A minimum of 3 years of experience in a similar job.
  • Great knowledge of ERP systems, SAP, and Excel.
  • Good analytical skills with great communication skills.
  • Fluent in at least English.

Salary Benefits:

For this job you will get an excellent salary with benefits. Being able to work on your own projects and learn from the best.

About the company:

This clients specialises in bottling fruit- and soft drinks. With big retailers like Walmart and Albert Heijn, their portfolio of customers is huge. This multinational is located in countries all around the world. You can be part of this impressive team!