Corporate Development Manager

Finance / Accounting

As a Corporate Development Manager, you are expected to drive Kiwa's international growth and development. Therefore, you will continuously scan Kiwa's competitive landscape to identify opportunities and map market changes and trends. You'll perform in-depth company analyses (e.g. financial projections, profiles), contribute to valuation analyses (DCF, LBO, multiples) and be involved in additional financial modelling. It will be your responsibility to scout companies around the globe that add professional, client and market value to Kiwa in order to form partnerships, joint ventures or enter into a merger or acquisition. Furthermore, as a member of the corporate Staff & Support team, you will initiate projects to improve business operations and boost collaboration within Kiwa.

  • Perform market studies for the purpose of market segmentation;
  • Initiate and manage corporate business improvement projects and develop Kiwa's Operational Excellence programme;
  • Provide support for collaboration, acquisition and other investment projects on an international scale.


You can (and dare to) make a change. You are a young, dynamic person, able to think analytically and strategically. You have leadership skills and are ambitious to further develop yourself. You're used to working in projects as a pragmatic personality with excellent communication skills and a meticulous approach. You go about individually as easy as in a team, and you bring a highly developed sense for business politics and stakeholder management. We also expect your willingness and ability to travel to Kiwa locations across Europe and occasionally beyond (Latin America and Asia-Pacific).

  • At least a Masters' degree (preferably in Economics, Business, Finance or Econometrics);
  • 5 to 10 years of professional experience in a business development role, preferably in a technical environment;
  • You have experience in (the preparation of) mergers and acquisitions;
  • Excellent Microsoft Excel knowledge and skills;
  • (Near-)native proficiency in English and Dutch (speaking and writing);

Salary Benefits:

As a Corporate Development Manager at Kiwa, you'll hold a challenging high-level position in a technically-oriented, ambitious, expanding international organisation.
When it comes to wage and leave, you will be offered a salary tailored to your professional competence and experience, 37 days of holiday leave entitlement, 8% holiday payment, an excellent pension scheme and a variable remuneration.

About the company:

In this full-time role, you will work for the Kiwa Group, headquartered in Rijswijk, the Netherlands. You will be part of the Corporate Development team consisting of three employees. The nature of this position will require you to regularly travel abroad to visit Kiwa offices throughout Europe, Latin America and Asia-Pacific. As a member of the highly professional corporate Staff & Support team, you will work for and report to Kiwa Group Senior Management, particularly to the COO.

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