Software Engineer - ESTEC, Ref no: 19-71152

Noordwijk ZH

For our customer, the European Space Agency (ESA), we are seeking an experienced Software Engineer to work at ESA’s ESTEC site in Noordwijk, The Netherlands.



You will be assigned to ESA/ESTEC’s Software Technology section within the Software Systems Division of the Directorate of Technical and Quality Management (D/TEC).


You will be assigned to support ESA’s projects and activities in the domain of DevOps.


The main duties encompass installation, development, operation, maintenance and support of the DevOps infrastructure used by projects including:

  • Collaborative Software Development Environment (CSDE) and all the related tools and applications (Eclipse, JIRA, Jenkins, Confluence, Virtualisation technologies, DOORS, etc.).
  • Software Verification Facilities (SVF) and related tools as Gitlab, compilers (GCC, LLVM), Debuggers, software simulation and emulation (including HW-in-the-loop).
  • Satellite Reference DataBase (SRDB), related tools (SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL) and DataOps.
  • Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE) Reference Facility and in particular related development technologies.
  • Web site and related applications.


In performing these duties, the post holder is expected to interface with the different project teams and ensure their training when required. In addition, the post holder may have to support the definition and execution of activities of the Software Systems Division in his domain of expertise.


This is a full-time position located at ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands.


The requested start of work is January 2020 or as soon as possible thereafter.


The successful candidate shall have:

  • A university degree (Master's) or equivalent qualification in Computer Science, Software Engineering or a related discipline, together with extensive experience (at least 4 years) in the software development methods and tools.


Familiarity with modern software engineering practices and tools:

  • Knowledge in software production and test processes, i.e. DevOps including requirement engineering, continuous integration, testing and associated tools is mandatory (e.g. JIRA, Jenkins, Confluence, DOORS). You will be required to administer Atlassian tools and DOORs installations.
  • Expert knowledge of containerization (Docker) and intermediate knowledge of virtualization (VMware) is mandatory.
  • Knowledge of Java and Eclipse framework is mandatory.
  • Software practical experience, Object Oriented design methods as UML and eCore, databases (SQL), compilers, XML, XSLT, Linux, Windows and web application development as well as programming and scripting languages such as C, C++, Tcl/Tk, Python, Java are an important asset.
  • Knowledge of Cloud technologies and solution is interesting.
  • Knowledge in software development processes and standards e.g. ECSS (as specifically used in space projects), or similar aircraft, train, automotive standards is interesting.


  • Experience in mission critical systems is desirable.
  • Some knowledge of space projects and space systems engineering would be useful, but it not considered essential.
  • Prior specific experience with space ground systems (EGSE and SVF) would be useful.

Soft skills:

  • Results orientation and relationship management are considered important.
  • A pro-active and can-do attitude is expected to problem-solving, plus good planning and organisational skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to work and communicate effectively e.g. with supported project teams and within the Software Systems division.


Note: Applicants must be eligible for security clearance by their national security administration.

About the company:


The high-tech and innovative Terma Group develops products and systems for defence, non-defence and security applications, including command and control systems, radar systems, self-protection systems for aircraft and vessels, space technology, and aero-structures for the aircraft industry.


Terma is headquartered at Aarhus, Denmark. Internationally, Terma has subsidiaries and operations in The Netherlands, France, Germany, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, India, Singapore and the U.S.


The Space Business Area contributes with mission-customized software and hardware products including power systems and star trackers as well as services to support a number of in-orbit pioneering European scientific and Earth observation satellite missions. Additionally, Terma is contracted for the development and delivery of software and hardware systems and services for numerous ongoing and future European, and international missions.


Terma Space operates out of Denmark, The Netherlands, France, Germany, the UK and France.