Registered Nurse



As a candidate, you will receive a 32-hour contract from the European Multi Talent Group Healthcare BV company. You will work for one of our customers in geriatrics during the first months of your stay in the Netherlands or until you have learned the language and can effectively communicate with collegues and patients. After this, it is possible that you will be offered a fixed contract by this customer. By choosing EMTG, a nurse has more opportunities in the form of a labour contract and acquires the flexibility of working in various departments of a hospital. Thus, as a candidate you will more easily integrate into Dutch society and become a well-rounded employee.


  • Be a citizen of a European member state or have a valid work permit in the Netherlands;
  • Possess basic knowledge of English or German; but preferred an A2 level;
  • Have a European nursing degree;
  • Have experience in healthcare;
  • Willing to relocate to Spain/Italy, for 3 months to learn Dutch;
  • Willing to live in the Netherlands for more than one year.


If you are not European, but have authorisation to work in the Netherlands send us your CV. We may still be able to help, or guide you in the right direction. 

Salary Benefits:

  1. Annual Salary:

Assistant Nurse (FWG35):  €25.000 up to €30.000
Registered Nurse (FWG45): €29.000 up to €34.000
(Annual salary consist on a 36 hours basic salary + irregular hours + 8% holiday money)
This is a basic salary according to the collective labor agreement of nurses in Holland.

  1. Irregular hours:

For working hours in the evenings and in the weekends you get paid extra above the basic salary. Evening hours during the week 22% (from 20.00-22.00pm) and night hours 44% extra (from 22.00-07.00am).Hours on Saturday (06.00-08.00am and from 12.00-22.00pm) 38% extra and night hours (22.00-06.00am) 49% extras, Sunday hours 60% extra

  1. Tax:

Approximately 25%

  1. Working week:

Between 32-36 hours.

  1. Contract period:

14 months in the start.

  1. Holidays:

24 holiday days a year (for 36 hours a week). These days are paid. You build up these holidays hours on a monthly basis.


Work Hours:

32-36 hours per week

About the company:

European Multi Talent Group Healthcare BV is a Dutch company situated in the Amsterdam area. We are a recruiting company specialized in European nurses for the cure and care in the Netherlands.

We are always looking for registered nurses who are willing to work in nursing homes, home-care, and in the hospitals 

Our partners are part of the Dutch Public Health Care System. As a nurse in the Netherlands, you will have the opportunity to grow professionally within the Dutch Public Health Care system