Sales Assistant | English C1 + Dutch B2

English and Dutch, Dutch, English and Swedish, German and English, Polish and English, English

As a Sales Associate you will be handling the following:

  • Order Management, Stock and Forecast
  • Customs and Logistics from Japan to Europe
  • Supporting the Sales team whenever needed
  • Assess customer's needs
  • Handling all contact with suppliers especially Dutch speaking ones
  • Translation of legal documents such as contracts should that ever come up


  • Bachelor's degree in Business Administration or similar
  • Previous experience in Sales
  • Previous experience working at a Japanese or an Asian company is a plus
  • Since the company is just starting up in The Netherlands, they will need your help as someone who speaks fluent Dutch next to English!

Salary Benefits:

  • Vacation allowance
  • 13th month
  • Performance incentive
  • And more to be established soon!
About the company:

Our client is based in Japan and as of January 2023 will be opening their offices in no other city than Eindhoven! They are distributors of electronic components and manufacturing equipment looking to grow their Netherlands based team.