PhD Position on Probabilistic Programming for Brain-on-Chip AI Computers

Research / Academic

The Eindhoven Artificial Intelligence Systems Institute (EAISI) is funding 2 PhD positions for the highly innovative BayesBrain project, in collaboration with the departments of

  • Electrical Engineering,   
  • Mathematics and Computer Science,
  • Mechanical Engineering, and
  • Biomedical Engineering.

The challenging goal of the project is to design a hybrid neural/in-silico AI computer which leverages the computation of neural cultures hosted on a microfluidic Brain-on-Chip device to solve real-world AI problems. The hybrid AI computer will consist of an in-silico Bayesian control agent and a Brain-on-Chip device, which shall communicate via the common principle of Free Energy Minimization (FEM).

The announced PhD position focuses on the development of in-silico Bayesian control agents and autonomous systems that learn purposeful behavior through interactions with their environment. In particular, the project will be based on the paradigms of probabilistic programming, Bayesian inference, and biologically plausible message passing algorithms on factor graphs ( The successful candidate will be hosted at BIASlab ( at the Department of Electrical Engineering and be co-supervised by the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.

Paired with the announced position is a second PhD position hosted at the Mechanical Engineering department and co-supervised by the Department of Biomedical Engineering. The second PhD candidate will focus on the development of Brain-on-Chip devices. The two PhD students will collaborate closely to achieve the final goal of developing a hybrid neural/in-silico AI computer. In particular, the two PhD students will work together on the development of interfaces between the in-silico Bayesian control agent and the Brain-on-Chip device.

The preferred starting date of this position is October 2021.

Work Hours:

38 hours per week


De Rondom 70