PhD position on Optics for the cloud

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PhD position on Optics for the cloud. High port-count photonic switches with high-precision assembly.

Integrated photonics is an indispensable part of most high-speed communication infrastructure. However, the difficulty in attaching many optical fibers to a photonic IC is still holding back some applications. In this project we will implement a solution to this problem and use a high port-count photonic switch as the vehicle of exploration. The application side is investigated in a collaborative project with Microsoft research lab in Cambridge (UK), while the assembly for multi-fiber attach as well as the electrical connections is studied in the framework of a European project with Lionix international in Twente (NL) and FiconTEC (D). The PhD student will be responsible for the research and design of the photonic switch matrix as well as the system for the fiber attachment. The indium-phosphide-based photonic ICs and the silicon with TriPleX structures will be designed by the PhD student and fabricated by Smart Photonics in Eindhoven and by Lionix international, respectively. Assembly will be performed with a custom-built machine at FiconTEC.

The PhD student will be part of the Photonic Integration group ( of the Electrical Engineering department of Eindhoven University of Technology. This is an internationally oriented group which is leading in researching, developing and utilizing photonic integration with III-V semiconductors to realize cutting edge devices. With our NanoLabNL facilities and our partnerships with companies like Smart Photonics, we are not only able to design these photonic ICs, but also to actually produce, characterize and analyze their performance.

We are looking for candidates who are interested in this application of integrated photonics, which promises to solve the long-standing problem of multi-port access through a novel technique demonstrated with an exciting state-of-the-art photonic switch.

Successful candidates should have good writing and documentation skills, excellent analytical and research capabilities and good communication skills. They must be able to organize their own work well and set and pursue their goals independently. The candidate will collaborate not only with the other members of the Photonic Integration group, but in particular also with other researchers in the Microsoft research lab as well as with the other companies involved.


We are looking for candidates with a MSc diploma in Electrical Engineering, Physics or Applied Physics, preferably with not more than four years' experience in research after the graduation, and with good skills in programming tools and an interest in photonics and electronics.

Salary Benefits:

  • a challenging job in a dynamic and ambitious university and a stimulating internationally renowned research environment;
  • full-time temporary appointment for 3 years, which will be extended with one year if it is successful;
  • gross salary between € 2266,00 and € 2.897,00 per month based on full-time employment;
  • an extensive package of fringe benefits (e.g. excellent technical infrastructure, the possibility of child care and excellent sports facilities);
  • Work Hours:

    38 hours per week


    De Rondom 70