Influencer Marketing Specialist for the UK market

Marketing / PR


Your Core tasks will be:
- Investigating of and communicating with the suitable influencers in the UK Market within certain criteria setting of different focus products;
- Leverage the influencer’s review to owned/paid/earned Social Networks and website;
- Coordination and correspondence with UK national office.


The successful candidate has:

- A Bachelor degree, preferably in the direction international/ UK marketing and communications;
- Native British (verbal/writing);
- Familiar with the UK influencer market, either in a professional or private manner; - 0-2 years of practical working experience to proof your communication skills; e.g. store promoter, customer service, MarCom, Sales assistant etc.
- An abstract and logical way of thinking;
- Experience in MS office;- A keen interest in Internet, online trends, and digital life style devices’ new technology on personal and professional level;
- The capability of product knowledge in visual display and colour management would be preferred.
- Able to balance priorities; manage workload effectively in light of multiple priorities;
- Able to rearrange schedules to meet the needs of the business and respond very quickly to situations created by changes or unanticipated problems;
- Ability to adapt to the different working styles and knowledge's of the people the support;- Proactive in initiating changes or taking action to improve efficiency, address existing and potential problems, satisfy customers, and find new opportunities;
- Reliable: behaves consistently and predictably; - Able to identify work-related problems, analysing problems in a systematic but timely manner, acting decisively to implement solutions and resolve crises
About the company:
Our client, a leading provider of networked digital lifestyle devices, is a multi-faceted company with strengths in product design, visual technology and mobile technology.As an Influencer Marketing Specialist you will implement influencer marketing via investigation and communication with the suitable influencers in the UK Market.