IT & Technology
SMART Photonics B.V. established in 2012, is an innovative scale-up in photonics at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. We are trusted by the world's leading tech companies, large and small. We are the world's first pure-play foundry for Indium Phosphide photonics semiconductors, collaborating with our customers to turn their designs into the chips we manufacture at our facilities. Indium phosphide chips are proving to be the best choice in many innovative applications ranging...


We are looking for a person who has/is

•   Successfully completed a relevant BSc degree in Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, Mechatronics or a related field

•   Has at least 10 years of experience in the field of equipment engineering

•   Experience with semiconductor related equipment and manufacturing (cleanroom) environments is a strong preference

•   If you don’t have a background in semicon, it should be an industry that makes you tick by which you rely on your

track record within an high-tech industry

•   Strong communicator

•   Experience with new tool installation projects (selection, acceptance and release). SAT and FAT rings a bell to you very loudly!

•   Flexibility and adaptability in order to work within dynamic teams

•   Someone who takes ownership and gets stuff done