Outsystems Developer

IT & Technology


Within the Randstad Group Netherlands (Randstad, Tempo-Team and Yacht), RGN-IT is responsible for the entire ICT service within the group Netherlands. This includes everything from development to management to support. At RGN-IT we work in an agile way, we stimulate in own initiative and self-drive. This applies not only to the development teams but also to the management and support teams. The project At RGN we are building and implementing a fully new and updated ATS (applicant tracking sys...


Soft skills:

  • Strong affinity with working in an environment in which the quality requirements are high
  • Works structured
  • Easily engages in complex work processes
  • Strong analytical ability
  • Proactive attitude
  • Has excellent communication and social skills
  • Is able to connect people and teams to each other
  • Does not avoid a confrontation (dare to make matters negotiable)
  • Dares to ventilate his/her own opinion
  • Comfortable of having English as the main working language

Knockout criteria
  • min 2 years Outsystems experience full time
  • Outsystems Associate Certificate
  • Outsystems BPT knowledge
  • Front end development (html, Javascript, css, jquery, ...)
  • Knowledgeable on SOAP and REST services
  • Knowledgeable on SOA and MDM Architectures
  • Knowledgeable on Test frameworks
  • .NET or Java knowledge
  • SQL server experience