Phd Position In Knowledge Representation Formalisms For Hybrid Intelligence

Research / Academic
At Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, we are looking for a PhD student to investigate Knowledge Representation Formalisms for Hybrid Intelligence (HI). 

Knowledge graphs (KGs) can play an important role in representing knowledge for different agents in Hybrid Intelligence settings.  Unfortunately, the current KR formalisms are not sufficiently well-designed to work with complex, conflicting, dynamic and contextualised knowledge. What is needed to make KGs suitable formalisms for data and knowledge exchange in a HI network, is for individual agents to adapt their own knowledge in a KG (or at least the active part it is doing reasoning with) w.r.t. the interaction with one or more actors in its network.

You will study non-classical logical operators under (possibly changing) contexts, where the contexts are (semi)formal representations of the other agents' requirements, knowledge, (cultural) background, necessity, and other modalities of choice.  Furthermore, you will design or adapt formalisms appropriate to the knowledge modeling challenges as well as protocols for agents to use the knowledge in HI interaction scenarios. Finally, you will apply and validate the solutions for a select number of application domains. The research project is based at the VU Amsterdam, and will be co-supervised by TU Delft and University of Twente researchers.


We are looking for an enthusiastic person who is curious about what kind of knowledge is required by an HI agent to operate in a contextualised and fast changing environment when addressing real-life problems. We are looking for someone with a Master in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence or related fields with an interest in Knowledge Representation, Logic and Formal Systems, but from a practical and pragmatic perspective. 

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Salary Benefits:

A challenging position in a socially involved organization. The salary will be in accordance with university regulations for academic personnel and amounts €2,395 (PhD) per month during the first year and increases to €3,061 (PhD) per month during the fourth year, based on a full-time employment. The job profile: is based on the university job ranking system and is vacant for at least 1 FTE.

The appointment will initially be for 1 year. After a satisfactory evaluation of the initial appointment, the contract will be extended for a duration of 4 years.
Additionally, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam offers excellent fringe benefits and various schemes and regulations to promote a good work/life balance, such as:
  • a maximum of 41 days of annual leave based on full-time employment
  • 8% holiday allowance and 8.3% end-of-year bonus
  • solid pension scheme (ABP)
  • contribution to commuting expenses
  • optional model for designing a personalized benefits package

Work Hours:

40 hours per week


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