Senior Java Developer Amsterdam | Build a mission-critical online FinTech platform from scratch that is used by millions of Dutch people| Java 17, Kotlin, Spring Boot, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Kafka & NoSQL | €100.000 + lease car + immediate p...

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Your job: Senior Java Developer Amsterdam

  • Would you like to build a very tangible completely greenfield platform that will be used throughout the Netherlands and therefore recognized by friends and family?
  • Do you want to work within a unique engineering culture with 100% self-managing multidisciplinary teams where there is a lot of cross-pollination, always work from home or your office, and are in the lead with stack choice, architecture, quality, and delivery?
  • And do you say yes to a permanent contract, a lease car, or a €650 mobility allowance, ample training opportunities, and even working 4×9?

Don’t wait that long because this is the job for you!

Your employer: Disruptive, impactful greenfield systems run in the core processes of customers!

This leading 100% Tech company has made a huge impact in the Dutch software ecosystem in recent years. Over the past decades, they have become the Thought Leader in building the most critical software systems in the Netherlands. In fact, the work is not only recognized here, but the impact is so big that without this organization the Dutch economy will come to a screeching halt. So you are guaranteed to make an impact here!
Due to the extremely high trust they deserve, they are increasingly being asked to build new, very tangible, disruptive, and impactful software that runs in the core processes of their customers. Architecture, design, stack, customer contact, infrastructure. You can choose everything yourself! If you want responsibility, freedom, and impact, this is for you!
If you’ve always craved freedom, being able to make an impact, total responsibility, and working with the best techies who have already mastered this? Then you’ve come to the right place!
The unique thing about this organization is that there are no layers of management here. You read that right, no management! You work within multidisciplinary teams, where your team members are just as driven as you are to deliver quality.
This means you can learn a lot from each other and get the best out of yourself and your colleagues. Want to pick up some frontend as backender? Do you want to learn more about cloud/DevOps as a backender? Or do you want to develop more polyglot as a Backender? That’s all possible here!

Your role: Senior Java Developer Amsterdam

In your role as Senior Java Developer Amsterdam, you will have the unique opportunity to build the online environment of the largest Dutch banks completely from scratch. You will work with your own team, where you can determine the design, architecture, stack choice, delivery automation, scalability, performance, and code quality. You even determine how much you work at home and at the office. This is really something unique. So you will be challenged here in all kinds of areas around architecture, distributed systems, security & high availability. Working here for a few years means that you will become a real Elite Software Engineer!
So you not only work on impactful greenfield projects with full autonomy and project responsibility but you can of course also learn a lot about how to deliver a high profile impactful project from start to finish. How you can really grow customer demand and make maximum impact, resulting in raving reviews. The culture here is truly unique! You and your fellow engineers are REALLY in charge here, you determine the course of the organization yourself!

Growth opportunities

Given that you and your engineering colleagues are in charge, it is logical that you would like to develop further. That is why you can grow both in width and vertically to Tech Lead, Team Lead, and Principal Architect (Hands-on CTO), where you are fully in the lead with strategy, vision, leadership, and delivery.

Top conditions

To give you the best platform for success: everything is designed to get the best out of yourself! Here you will also find very attractive conditions such as a permanent contract, a lease car or € 650 mobility allowance, extensive training opportunities, knowledge sharing sessions, and a completely free star restaurant in the building! How unique is that?

What is requested?

  • At least 5 years of professional backend development experience
  • Professional experience with Java 11+ and Spring Boot
  • Good communication skills and you like to take people along with your idea
  • Eager to learn focused on discovery, and wanting to lead the way in the market
  • You like building quality software and have a polyglot mindset
  • Experience with Docker and Kubernetes is a plus
  • Experience with cloud such as AWS, GCP or Azure is a plus
  • Experience designing and building critical backend services is a plus
  • Experience with authentication/authorization standards is a plus

What is offered?

  • Salary between €80.000 and €100.000 based on knowledge and experience
  • Immediately a permanent contract!
  • Lease car or mobility allowance of €650
  • Work 32, 36 (even 4×9) or 40 hours
  • 25 vacation days
  • Working from home 3 days a week
  • iPhone + MacBook
  • Solid pension
  • Possibility for trainings/courses
  • Fully catered lunch at the office

So, as a Senior Java Developer Amsterdam, do you want to build a completely disruptive platform from scratch that will be used by millions of Dutch people with unprecedented freedom?


Please respond using the form below or send your resume to Roy Schaper, via [email protected]